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2012 Toolbox for Environmental Change

Hedgend will be attending the 2012 Toolbox at Melbourne Museum along with many other environmental educators.  This will be the fifth year Hedgend Maze will attend. It will be another ripper seminar for school teachers with a high interest in Sustainability in their workplace. We are delighted to let you know, Liz Cooke and Lea Bowen will be this years facilitators for Hedgend’s tutorial in developing Leadership within Sustainability. The girls have been busy creating new and exciting ways to really give you an opportunity to take heaps of simple practical ideas of how and what you can maximise (and energise), a productive team within your whole school to really make a difference!  If you have any hurdles you feel your school cannot get over with regard to starting or continuing sustainability programs, drop us a line and maybe this is a focal area the girls can incorporate. They will also have a display, so it’s the perfect opportunity to call over and say hi, share some notes or ideas. If you are interested in being apart of this day go to http://www.greeningaustralia.org.au/our-services/education-and-training/toolbox-for-environmental-change-2012 to register.